Monday, June 13, 2011

Dawns Family Roles

My Family we all like doing different things for example I like listening to Music {True}. My Brother Gabriel his job is, whenever he wants something he cries all the time and that’s his role. My Auntie named Moli, she is the most Hard Worker I have ever meet. Everyday she is doing a new assignment and she is the sleepy one, that’s her part in our family. Next my Uncle named Petelo, he is a Designer. He is at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) right now. Next up is my Mother named Iutita, she works at the Auckland High Court. At home she is a loving, caring mother and she pays some of the bills with my other auntie. My auntie Marieta, her job is to pay the bills with my mum. She used to work at the District Court but now she has a new job. My Grandfather he is the Boss of the house and he also spoils my brother and I. My Grandmother she is the most loyal, loving person I have ever meet. Every Sunday she goes to church even if she has other plans. Her role is to give love and care to everyone. Last but not least Me - Dawn, my role is to do the dishes, washing and looking after my brother.