Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It was last Friday that the whole St Pius X school was having a fast, speedy, exciting day who loved running. Half of our school didn’t really like running and the other half loved running that was because they were so fast at running. During morning tea we had to get dressed. Later on we got sorted out into our teams, the teams names were Kiwis, {colour yellow} Geckos, {colour green} Tuis, {colour red} Keas, {colour blue} that was the team that I was in but that was great because my favourite colour was blue!
After we all got sorted out we went on to the school field and sat on the tarpaulin's they were all coloured BLUE! We all had to participate in a race or a game, first up 5 year old lets begin the RACE! First up the ladies Claudia was in the blue Keas! Mr Gaffney shouted get your make get set go! We all shouted {the Keas} go Claudia run! So she ran faster and faster then we all shouted {Keas} Wow! she won the race she was so pleased that she beat the other children! Gentlemen {5 year old boys} please step this way, so they all stepped to the starting line, Mr Gaffney repeated him self and shouted go! They all blasted off, racing to the finish line kiwis won be we still clapped for them even though we came last remember it’s not about winning it’s to see your speed, strength and having fun on a day like this.
Now lets move on to the next race Masters and Miss’s {6 year old’s } get ready to race! I forgot who won the 6 and 7 year old Masters and Miss’s race because I wasn’t paying attention properly. When they called the 8 year old children I got really nervous and worried because that was the closet age to 9 year old, because the races always start from 5 year olds up to 13. I don’t have that good of a memory with races and kind of ages. Mr Gaffney repeated himself and shouted GET, YOUR,MAKE GET SET,GO! They all started up and raced as fast as they could {even though it was their first race for some of them.}

Monday, April 4, 2011


Dangerous, Frighting,
Scary, horrible, furious.

You never want to be involved in one.