Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review - Stranded

Choose a word to describe your book.

Title: Stranded    Author: Jan Thorburn
Date started: Monday 2nd September 2013   Date finished: Not yet finished

This book was...
Mysterious - I think it was mysterious because you never know are they gonna survive or die?

What was the book about?
This book is about two young boys named Toby and Sam. In my opinion I don’t think that this two boys aren't the best combination because, Toby is from England (city boy) and Sam is the opposite. Toby and Sam set off on a fishing trip and have been hit by a huge wave, and have just drifted away to a deserted island. While they are there they imagine all the things they could be doing if they were still back at home. Will they get back home? Will they survive? Will they die?

What did you like about the book?
The mystery, will they survive?

What was your favourite part of the book?
Favourite part was when they woke up at the island

How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)

I give this book four stars.

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  1. Hi Dawn

    This book sounds like a very interesting book to read. You answered the questions in detail too.
    Keep up the good work


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