Friday, May 30, 2014

Procedural Writing, How to be a friend.

How to be a friend, with four easy steps.

Step 1 : never be mean neither nasty or rude to those who are nice, kind and caring towards you.

Step 2 :  listen to them and get to know them better, see what you both/all have in common.

Step 3 : you should think about if they are a good friend to you and whether they are a good influence towards you and your behaviour.

Last and most importantly remember to love, care and look out for them in times when they are in need.

Reading Activity, Reflection.

Today, Thursday 29th May,  I had read a fiction story which was called "The Ice Cream shop window", the story was about a group of kids trying to find out who had vandalised their favourite ice cream shops window. The author had many the ending pretty interesting because the culprit had a glowing head.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reflection, Reading Activity

Today I had learnt many things from the story "Wild Weather", like how Australia commonly has drought and bushfires. Wild Weather was very detailed with alot of information about how strong the weather could turn into, how hail forms and much more.


Today, Monday 27th May 2014 my class had attended a funeral which was a very sad time for some. Family, friends and supporters had gather at St Pius X Parish Church to celebrate the life of Ailine Telefoni. She was a loving, caring and strong lady, towards her family and community, I may have not known her aswell as others but she seemed like a lovely lady in the end. In my opinion the mass was very peaceful and long.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Our class was putting together an assembly. In each Learning Hub we had to create as a group a poem and a song or a play. The Learning Hub I was part of created an acrostic poem, an original poem and a song. Below is the acrostic poem and the song. The song was composed by my friends Deja and Lose and the acrostic poem was written by everyone in our Learning Hub.

  Verse 1 :
Kindness, you can show, everywhere at school and at home. This is a gift, from God above so

make sure you treat it with love.

Chorus :

KINDNESS x4. Is a virtue, we use it in Room 7, and we think you should too. x2

Verse 2 :
We can show this, in many ways, love, respect and caring too. Kindness we can show, in our
school, just work together and it’ll be cool.

Chorus :

KINDNESS x4. Is a virtue, we use it in Room 7, and we think you should too. x2

K - K is for KEEPING our Holy Faith values.
I - I is for the integrity, being honest.
N - N is for NEVER giving up on this virtue.
D - D is for DETERMINATION to keep the kindness flowing in this world.
N - N is for NICE, be nice to everyone.
E - E is for EVERYONE, we are all a team
S - S is for the STRENGTH we will always have
S - S is for SUCCESS, we can be successful together.

Procedural Writing

In writing we were focusing on Procedural Writing. Procedural Writing is a type of writing that gives instructions or directions on how to make or do something. Last week we had read a piece of procedural writing on how to make an "island mat". When we had completed weaving it we put our final touches on it which turned it into a "kindness mat".

Friday, May 23, 2014


Today we read the Gospel of John, in the gospel Jesus said to Philip and Thomas “Don’t be worried” he also said to them “I will go and prepare a room for you in my Father’s house” which means I will go to my father’s house and I will make room for everyone. My understanding of this gospel was that he will accept all those who come forth to him.

Friday, May 16, 2014

My prayer to the Holy Spirit

Gracious Spirit,
You have guided me in times of trouble and I thank you for that, you have helped me when I was lost and led me away when I had strayed away. I ask that you continue your powerful and helpful work so that we may continue to be faithful to God. I ask that you lead those who need your help the most especially those who are making the wrong choices in life.