Friday, September 5, 2014

Expressive Writing

Pain, it’s never welcomed by anyone, obviously.. But the thing about it is that it demands to be felt. Though this saying is sad what makes it even sadder is that it’s true. Many people try and disown pain as it owns them, but majority of those people have failed.

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  1. Hey Dawn,
    I enjoyed reading your small piece of writing. But I have also read through your other pieces of writing. I have realised they are most about emotion. :)
    I like that you have used a quote from one of the books I guess it's The Fault in our Stars ? But yeah it was a nice piece of writing and I am not just saying this from a friends perspective but from the perspective of someone who respects and admire's your writing. It would have been better to read more, so I suggest if you could add a bit more to it.