Friday, August 10, 2012

My Life here in New Zealand

When a life ends another begins, when one falls another rises, when people start to like others start to dislike, well you can’t change anything that has happened in the past because whatever had happened in the past has gone forever, and you can’t change or do anything about it! And well everything that happens in life turns out the way it was meant to go... School contains learning, friends contains laughter, church contains focus, family contains a big heart and this is part of my everyday life here in New Zealand.

My life here in New Zealand is everything that I could imagine, here in New Zealand you can be surprised with what you find. If you search for something here I guarantee you that you’ll find it, if you're searching for love you should find it in a minimum time because you are surrounded with it and if not then you haven’t searched hard enough.

First I would like to start with my family, it’s obviously true that family contains a big heart and if you keep saying in your head “My family hates me, they don’t care about me because they won’t let me do this and that.” well that’s not true if they don’t talk to you or do anything well that’s their problem don’t let it take over your life just maybe talk about to someone or what I do is pray.          

Next I will begin with my friends, all my friends and I do is talk, laugh, (not a good word) gossip and laugh! Friends aren't all around you because some people won’t really care about what happens to you and well I’ve learned that the hard way. I am very very VERY lucky to have good friends that will always be by my side not matter what happens in life they would always be there.

Last but not very least SCHOOL. School is very important in life especially when you gotta survive colleges and universities here in New Zealand because if you're not up to their standards then good-bye. You just can’t deny it because of what people say about your work like “You're gonna make it!, Your a true artist! and Your sound like a true Author!” well if they are saying the opposite of this well then they're just jealous okay!   

Remember to always have faith in yourself, because with faith you can go or do anything in life!



  1. This piece of writing is so awesome you are so skilled at writing, I need to know how to write like you some day. I can tell you are going to have a good job in the future. Because to have a job you need to know especially Maths and also English.
    You are the best.

  2. HI Dawn It's very nice to hear that you are doing good in school. I really like you piece of writing, You are such a clever and Unique person. Keep up the great work Dawn From your cuzzy Sonya!

  3. Kia Orana Dawn your writing is very true. I love it. Your writing inspired me. Yes New Zealand is a wonderful place and there are a lot of great places right here. Families struggle but others support them. Also friends are very special. Indeed schools are important. Your writing is beyond amazing, keep up.