Friday, August 17, 2012

My Holidays

8 am in the morning, screaming and crying coming from my brothers room, what do I do with that little boy?  I shouted out to him, “ Gabriel be quiet!,” My mum said to me that, I had to get up and shower because somebody special is going to come pick me up for the movies.

Later we arrived at the movies and while we were there I saw my friend Julia from school and it looked like she was having a great holiday. My cousins wanted to watch the movie “Ted”,          “ We’re watching ted” says Olalini and then my cousins Leotina and Emma screams “Yeah!” then Olalini just looks at them and replies with a great big laugh “You're both DREAMING! We’re watching Katy Perry then it was my turn to scream and fall to my knees and scream “NO!”.

Later when the movie had finished I had run to the arcade and left dust in my remains. “Thank You Lini!” my cousins and I screamed just before she left.       

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  1. Wow! Dawn I really want to watch TED but I could because we are going to the movies and we might watch TED... Great work you are the best Blog I have ever seen. :-)