Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Religious Education

Today in Religious Education we are learning about the differences between animals and humans.  The class and I were given a question and the question was “What is something that makes us different from animals?”.  I learnt that when humans die their soul is lifted to heaven above.  But for animals their soul stops the same time their body dies. As the human body rots the soul still lives but as for the animal’s body the soul and body both dies. As the body dies the soul (spirit) carries on going.   

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Strand

What does God want from me? 
He wants loyalty, love and much more. He wants us to do the right thing and to never turn away from him. Talk to him everyday and never stop. 

What's stopping me from what God wants to do? 
Temptations, all the bad things that tempt me to do the wrong thing. Temptations are part of the obstacle of life. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description Writing about me

I am short, my hair is also straight and short hair. I am a brunette with little dimples. I have thick black eyebrows.  I am also chubby.  My eyes are dark brown with a light yellow outline.  I am presentable at times.  I have an Oval shape face,  My lips are pinkish and my eyelashes are long. And I have chubby cheeks too.

I love listening to music and my behavior is good at times.  I also love to laugh with my friends and family.  I have a great love for being right all the time and I also like to correct when my cousin’s are wrong.      

Descriptive Writing

The person I look up to is my Nana.  I look up to her because wherever she goes she’s not afraid to be herself. My Nana has short curly hair, her height is also short, she has Samoan Tattoos on her legs and is a bit curvy around the waist.       

She is a very proud, joyful, thrilled and a hearty Samoan.  My Nana is a very loud person but when it comes to Religious Education she suddenly goes very quiet, on the other hand when it comes to singing “praise the Lord” that she doesn't overtake the choir.  

My Nana is very helpful, she tries her best in everything she does especially cleaning. Strong, she is strong because she always stands up for what is right. Creative, she is creative in her own way by changing things into her own original way.    

When my Nana smiles it’s either she’s happy, joking with someone or she’s getting cheeky to someone.  When she is sad she tries to keep herself busy and keeps quiet. Angry well she never get’s angry the closest she can get to angry is frustrated. Honest, my Nana is honest because she tells the truth.   

My Nana is very original, loud and herself. That’s what I love about my Nana she is never embarrassed she is just herself and also “LOUD AND PROUD!”.  She never backs down, always stands up for herself, family and friends. My Nana will always be my Nana no matter what happens through life she will always be there.