Monday, September 26, 2011

You Are Special

Once upon a time in a small Village, humans weren’t the ones that lived there, the ones that lived there were Wemmicks. In Wemmick Village they have stars and dots. When some Wemmick shows off their talent a wemmick should give them at least more than one Star but if they don’t have any talent and they think they do but all they do is fail they get a Dot. A Dot means your not very good at doing things. There was a Wemmick who walked into town and her wood was nice and smooth, a group of Wemmicks tried to put a Star on her but it wouldn’t stick, they put a Dot on her but it wouldn’t stick either. Punchinello went and said to this fine Wemmick “Well hello there my name is Punchinello and do you know why nothing is sticking on you?” and she replied, "My name is Lucia and your answer is to go and see Eli”,

"Eli why Eli?

"Eli is our maker and he lives in a house on top of a hill".

The next day Puchinello went and visited Eli, he saw Eli,but then he got scared so he tried to quietly sneak out but then he heard his name so he turned with a very awkward face. Eli said “Well Hello Punchinello,I heard you have a question for me and I will tell you the answer now, come here everyday and you will see what happens”. So everyday Puchinello went and visited Eli and everyday soon Punchinello realised that the Stars and Dots didn’t mean anything so all the Dots fell off one by one.

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