Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day...

Why my mum is the best mum in the world...

She Cares-  She cares because she worries about me.
She Supports - By giving me money to get what I need.  

She is Kind -  She is always kind to me by giving up her time for my brother and I.

She never gives up - My Mum will never give up on me she keeps on going.
She works hard -  She always works hard so I can have a better life.

She loves me - She loves me by giving me stuff that some children might not have.
She helps me - My mum always help me by giving me something that I need.

She is funny - Every time I am mad she
comes up to me and turns my frown upside up down. :)         

She is smart - My Mum is very clever because she
helps me with everything including my learning.
(She was one of the students that were at the
top of the school for learning - Glendowie College.)

She is fun - My mum always looks at the bright side and does her other job very well.
(Being a parent.)

She helps me with my language - My mum loves teaching me my language (first one.) but sometimes she teaches me the wrong stuff....  
She thinks she’s cool - My mum thinks she’s cool and she is but in her own way.

Room 6, Dawn