Friday, July 25, 2014

Expressive Writing.

Many feelings had hit me when I'd found out that there was a possibility of my Auntie not surviving her operation. As we got to the hospital my Auntie smiled at my brother, cousin and myself as if nothing was gonna go wrong. When we had arrived home late that evening I asked my Mum to ring my Aunt, just to see how she was doing but she didn't pick up so that meant she had already left for her operation.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My holidays, so far.

The holidays are soon coming to an end, sadly and so far the holidays have been better than the last holidays. Last week my younger cousin flew up from Wellington and spent a few days with myself and my other cousins, so it was a full house. Anyway we had gone bowling and movies which was pretty fun but then all that had soon come to an end as he had to then fly down to Christchurch on that Saturday evening during that week. On that same week my aunt, cousin, brother and myself had gone to Auckland Hospital to visit our other Aunt who had stayed there a few days. Not long until we had moved onto the second week of the holidays. On that week we hadn't really done much but go to the movies again and do chores. As the week is coming to an end we still have plans, but other than that we have to prepare for school.