Monday, September 29, 2014


Holidays have already begun and my plans for them aren't as bad as before, because I have more things to do. My cousin and I are getting paid to do some spring cleaning around the house, so that's not so bad. My friends and I are planning to hang out, and my other friends we're planning to have a day out together. Hopefully I don't get completely sick before all of this as I am picking up the flu. So far my holidays have just been an add on to me being grumpy, as my brother had thrown the puppy on my head while I was sleeping and the puppy had scratched half my head.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reflection : Art diorama work, how our group worked.

Our group had been given a task to create a diorama with as many inputs in a dairy farm that we could make/create and put into our display. We had many ideas based on the inputs but I think we struggled a bit to put them all into the diorama. Our inputs that we have displayed in our diorama are ; Electricity, Stock, Buildings, Machinery and animals.  Overall I think we worked well as a group and the work that we have produced was pretty good. 

Religious Education Poster - The Great Commission.

 This is my poster about convincing others to work for Jesus. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Expressive Writing

This is just a bit of my expressive writing. Some may describe this feeling as warm and fuzzy, though i’m not saying that their wrong but i’m not saying that thier right either. For me it’s there’s more than just that warm and fuzzy feeling. The feeling to me is beyond happy,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekly Reflection

This week I have achieved one of my goals in maths which was to order fractions with different denominators. For writing I am still understanding how to add more details by using descriptive words, similies and metaphors. I think I have not progressed enough in Language and Languages.

St Pius X Feast Day and Cross Country..

Ambury Farm

Expressive Writing

Pain, it’s never welcomed by anyone, obviously.. But the thing about it is that it demands to be felt. Though this saying is sad what makes it even sadder is that it’s true. Many people try and disown pain as it owns them, but majority of those people have failed.

Expressive Writing

Broke down, as each teardrop fell from their eyes, tried to help but all I did was make the pain harder to bear. I was in shock and lost because I didn’t know what to do, though it was hard enough to even look at how much pain and hurt they were going through. Heartache became worse and worse as the pain grew.. This heartache took over me like the way it took over them, I had never felt this much pain..