Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day...

Why my mum is the best mum in the world...

She Cares-  She cares because she worries about me.
She Supports - By giving me money to get what I need.  

She is Kind -  She is always kind to me by giving up her time for my brother and I.

She never gives up - My Mum will never give up on me she keeps on going.
She works hard -  She always works hard so I can have a better life.

She loves me - She loves me by giving me stuff that some children might not have.
She helps me - My mum always help me by giving me something that I need.

She is funny - Every time I am mad she
comes up to me and turns my frown upside up down. :)         

She is smart - My Mum is very clever because she
helps me with everything including my learning.
(She was one of the students that were at the
top of the school for learning - Glendowie College.)

She is fun - My mum always looks at the bright side and does her other job very well.
(Being a parent.)

She helps me with my language - My mum loves teaching me my language (first one.) but sometimes she teaches me the wrong stuff....  
She thinks she’s cool - My mum thinks she’s cool and she is but in her own way.

Room 6, Dawn


  1. Dawn your Mum sounds really kind and I am sure she is cool! I really enjoyed reading your writing!

  2. Hay Dawn I like your MOTHERS DAY writing its awesome

  3. Hey Dawn I love your Mothers day Story I love it.Your story is wonderful in fact it is more than wonderful it is very very INTELLIGENT. Your mum must be very kind and caring KEEP IT UP

  4. Thank You Latanoa,Zheiyna and Salome

  5. WOW Dawn I love how you desribe your mum as the best. I liked it how you said She loves me - She loves me by giving me stuff that some children might not have. Keep up the excellet work I am so proud of you. From Sonya

  6. i like the way you wrote abount your mum I wish i could have a mum lik you hahah
    By Tangi

  7. wow awn like you story aount your mum

  8. WOW Dawn your mum is a very lovely and caring mum Keep up the good work Dawn