Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holidays! - Evaluation Week 1

The first week of the school holidays had ended two days ago and gosh it flew by! Last week wasn't so bad because 3/7 days weren't boring. On one of those three days my cousins, Leotina, Dorian, myself and my uncle Petelo attended a Roots prize giving that was held at Unitec. 

The first event of the day was held at the Unitec Marae. We were first welcomed into the Marae and then was given a quick tour around the Marae that was followed by the meanings of the carvings. Moments later we moved on to another part of Unitec. While we were driving over to the next area we went past the Auckland Blues Team and Tina (Leotina) is a big fan so while we were in the car she stuck her head out, then waved and screamed "Hi!" like a fool but she was really happy because one of team members waved back! After we had arrived we moved on to a short prize giving and lastly ended our day with lunch. 

Later that week I thought we had an awesome time at the movies but not only because we went to the movies but also because it was our Nana Tinas' birthday! First of all myself, Leotina (Tina - younger), Emma and our Nana Tina went to the movies and watched our favorite band, One Direction! We watched the movie One Direction : This is us. In my opinion it was hilariously funny, sad at times  and awesome throughout the whole movie! After all had settled down our Nana was asking for our concert tickets!? I started laughing and saying that she had caught "One Direction Infection!". When we had arrived back home Tina, Emma and myself had bought Nana a present and had a lovely dinner with the family at home. 

On the last day of the week my aunt and I stayed at home and just rested while the house was quiet without the boys around.