Friday, August 12, 2011


Tuesday the 2nd of August 2011 the actual year when our school finally gets a swimming pool. Today is a very special day for the kids at St Pius X because we actually get to go for a swim at school, most of us have been waiting for this moment! When it was 8:30am before school started Miss Oldfield told some of us that we are going swimming at 9:30am,9:30am it was so we all got separated into 2 groups. When we are in the pool we get into groups called Dolphins and Sharks and I was in Dolphins.First group-A went for a swim, when Group-B went (that was the group I am in.) to get changed we found some of group-a over there and they told us in a shivering way that “When you get out of the pool it is freezing!!” Later when we had finished helping each other girl with our swimming caps, we walked into the tent that was so warm for me that I did not want to walk out! When we all settled down in the pool a guy who was teaching us our lessons was named Mr.Burton,first he told us to put our hands on the side and arms straight out,so we did,then we played a little game called Captains coming. We had directions the right side of the pool was called port? and the left side was called Starboard?. Later on we had to swim back and forth, then we played another game called Salmon says.(Its mostly like Simon says.)After we had finished we said thank you to Mr. Burton and walked up the stairs and when we were walking down the other stairs we had to walk down backwards.When us girls had finished drying our hair and getting changed we we back to class......

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