Friday, November 8, 2013

Narrative Writing - Squash.

The morning began with the sky being cloudy, grey and cold. It wasn't the best day to play squash even though the sport is played indoors. The speed in the game goes faster and faster as the players challenge each other. Squash is a sport that is very similar to tennis but instead you’re hitting the ball to the wall.

Balls flying, cheering happening around the room, smiling and sulking spread across the friends faces. “Are you ready?” Ivy says as she questions her opponent but their facial expression tells her that they just wanted to start the game. Ivy serves the ball then Chris goes to hit the ball but misses. Instead of the ball hitting his racket it goes flying past. Ivy jumps for joy as she defeats her opponent, but Chris throws his racket onto the ground and walks to the sideline.

Next opponent is John. “Ready to go for a walk of shame Ivy?” John asks with a confident expression. Ivy just keeps quiet and keeps her eyes focused on the ball as she waits for John to serve. John hits the ball into play. Ivy runs to the side and swings her racket with all her might and success goes her way as John fails to hit the ball back to Ivy. John was so frustrated that he caused an argument to break out as he picked himself up and said “NO! You got in my way, that’s why I couldn’t hit it.” Ivy sniggered and said “Well you might’ve just tripped up on your own shoelaces since you don’t know how to tie them!”
“I do know how to tie my shoelaces thank you very much! I would’ve won that match if you hadn’t stuck out your big legs and tripped me” replied John with anger. Moments later Ivy had apologized to John for what she had said before and made peace with him with a hug.  

Last opponent, also the last match of the competition, was between the friends Andy and Ivy. Andy and Ivy had already begun their match. Their friends watched with silence as the ball went back and forth and back and forth. But when it came to an end Queen Ivy had lost to Andy and had to pay for his lunch.

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