Thursday, March 21, 2013


 Today we had two events going on our the feast of St. Patrick's also containing the celebration of our Soul Friends Mass and Athletics. Later mass had finished and this is how I remember it starting, "Get your mark get set go!" screams Mr. Gaffney, and off goes a heap.  Today is a very nerve racking day for all four teams Keas, Tuis, Geckos and Kiwis!  The sun was up and was BURNING down on us but some us hardly realised because they were blazing across the field from one event to another.  The first event that I went to for photography lesson was the obstacle course.  The obstacle course involved running, jumping, weaving and skipping. Next I moved on to bean bag race, later shot put/softball throw, later on high jump and lastly track. I say that my favourite event for photos was high jump especially how I got action shots in the air.

Later I had finished my photography lesson we had lunch, well some of us did because others we and practised and practised their speed on the tracks.  When lunch was over we had races for each age group.  Overall when the day ended everyone had a good time especially the "MIGHTY GECKOS!" says Mr. Coakley with a big cheer in his voice, so yeah that was our Athletics for 2013! Be ready for next year!  

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