Thursday, March 21, 2013


The sun was beaming down early in the morning while Room 7 and 6 dashed their way to the field.   (This term our school had Triathlons as our kiwi-sport but it was only for three days, for this term.)  The classes were dashing their way to the field because we were all very excited to try out triathlons.  If you try out triathlons then you might be doing swim, bike and run. Triathlon is an event with three continuous sports.  First we started off with running before we began we split up into two teams, team 1 and team 2 (awesome names I say sarcastically in my head.).  When we began we had to do this course, I can’t remember how many times but I think it was around 5 times and 10 star jumps in between.

Later our time was up we moved on to biking.  If you ask me it was like head, shoulders, knees and toes but with a helmet and star jumps mixed together.   After we finished our drill we had to run down to a tree turn back around and run back to the bike that we had chose.   Later that same week on Wednesday we had a slightly different routine, because on Monday and Tuesday we only did bike and run. Room 7 and 6 new routine began with slide (our way of swim), bike and run! But it was also a race.    

When everybody had a turn we went back to our classes with exhaustion, sweat, soapiness it was not pretty to see a form 1 and 2 class in such a mess.       

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