Thursday, February 13, 2014


Dribbling the basketballs, energy flying everywhere, different techniques being shown, and sweat running down pupils faces. Today we had begun the sport, Basketball, for this term Basketball was our kiwi sport. At the start of the session we learnt how to do a “jump-stop”, next was how to “pivot” then “bongo drums” and dribble and much more. When we were learning how to bounce the ball in  different and new techniques I, myself found it harder to do compared to majority of the boys in my class. After we were taught some new techniques we moved on to a game. The teams were split up unevenly in my own opinion because the teams were split up in boys vs girls and to be honest I don’t think any of the girls were as good as the boys. Later on we had already begun the game and surprisingly the girls were winning! But our luck didn't last for long the boys had caught up and the score was 2 - 5, not long until we had reached the final match of the day. Finals, last point wins.. Momentarily squeals, smiles and cheering was spread across the girls team, we had won! Surprised but happy that we had beaten the boys.    

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  1. Hi Dawn this Piece of writing is really cool. I also found it hard to dribble the ball under my legs. I really liked reading your writing, Great Work Keep It up.