Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Holidays

Hours before noon, my cousin and I were unfortunately woken up for a holiday programme which was held at Selwyn College. Teens, pre-teens coming from different countries around the world such as France, Italy, Fiji and many more. Momentarily we had walked into a room full of unfamiliar faces. Later on in the day we had arrived at a beach that was not from Waiwera thermal pools.  

Sand up to me feet, sun beaming down and causing my skin to go a darker tone. Frisbee flying high, beats blasting from the stereo, and all around everyone taking pictures. At the start of the day it started out with just me and my mp 3 player but things changed when i made friends with a french girl whom name was Lela. Later on I made more friends with Indi and Sanda and others as the day past.

Before we gathered our things my new friends and I took as many photos at the beautiful beach and set off. Sun was just about down and my cousin and I had just arrived. After a fun day we were told to do a big load of dishes.

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